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New to Blogging

Okay so I believe honesty is very important when blogging, because after all if you are taking the time to read this I owe it to you to be honest. So in all transparency that last blog was written by chatgpt not me. The reason was because i have never done anything like this before so I was nervous to write, but fuck it.

So here we go first a little information about me I'm 42, my interests and what i primarily plan on writing about are reading (only non-fiction because if I'm going to invest time into reading I want to get something out of it). Subjects that I like to read about are psychology, passive income, self-improvement, and books written by people I aspire to be like. I ride a motorcycle which is a 2016 Victory Cross Country, and yes not to sound cliche I like to watch TV and Movies.

To be totally transparent I have recently become an affiliate marketer so periodically I will be doing some product reviews in my weekly blog posts, but I promise I will be 100% honest in my reviews and if I like the product will be posting a link at the end just so you guys can check it out.

Like I said new to this and will constantly be evolving and changing as I learn more, but honestly even if no one joins or reads this at least it will serve as a journal for me. So here's hoping you feel like giving me a chance and sign up to become a member and join me on this journey.

If not I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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